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There are only a few companies in north America that can consistantly produce quality stabilized wood.

At antlers express it has taken years of trial and error to make a stabilized wood that we can back with a 100% guaranty.

We use a state of the art process and have a different formula of stabilizing resin that is much thinner and therefore we can acheive a 100% penatration and dying process and  it has made us a industry leader of stabilized and hybrid blanks.

Costumer reviews:


Hi, Thank you for accepting my best offers. I want to let you know that I have bought stabilized wood from many different vendors, and yours is consistently the best quality. Stabilized all the way through, the wood is beautiful, and the block are well cut. In addition you have a lot of longer sizes (5.5in ), which is what I need. As my knifemaking grows, I will continue buying from you. Thank you, Daniel

 Stabilized woods  

Stabilized Maple Burl Block # 125
54.99 USD

Stabilized triple dye Maple Burl Block , it Is.
6"3/4" x 2"3/4" x 1"3/4"

# 125
Stabilized Acrylic Maple Burl Hybrid Block # 127
39.99 USD

Stabilized Acrylic Maple Burl hybrid Block , it Is.
5"3/16" x 2" x 1"15/16"

# 127